About Gabriel: An idiosyncratic, ‘right brain heavy’ kind of artist, Gabriel has a full decade of songwriting experience and repertoire of 500+ songs to draw from.

While his quirky pop is drawing comparisons to David Bowie, Tom Waits, Damon Albarn, Robert Wyatt, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Nyro and Elton John, Gabriel’s influences span many genres and allow his training in jazz, experimental and classical music to shine through.

After years of gigging in a variety of Devon based bands and in venues as varied as London’s famed Alexandra Palace, The Fleece (Bristol), Exeter Cavern, and The Hope and Anchor (Islington), Gabriel released his first solo EP in 2016 which he also co-produced himself.

Quotes: Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Collins is a “unique and remarkable voice in popular music songwriting.” “A Brian Wilson figure” Julian Marshall- (Marshall Hain/Flying Lizards/Eye To Eye/A&R Polydor/Atlantic)

“Sophisticated singer-songwriter fare that deserves the attention of discerning music lovers.”- powerofpop.com

“Why aren’t you famous?” – Jay Darlington (Keyboards- Kula Shaker, Oasis)

“Cute as the moon”- Matt Sage (Catweazle Club, Oxford).


Bio: As a child I was always tapping on pretty much any surface I could lay my hands on. Eventually I got a drum kit and taught myself to play, as well as seesawing in and out of love with the guitar, but my musical life really began with the piano…

I was born in London in 1983 and lived there for about ten years. My family were pretty hard up at that time. We couldn’t afford lessons (and didn’t have a piano to practice on) until around 1994 once we had moved to Devon and inherited a piano from my great aunt.

My love of music snowballed exponentially from age 13 with the example of piano teacher Colin Rea, who inspired me to embrace many styles of music as well as improvisation, composition and learning to listen and practice effectively. This led onto piano and mentoring sessions in songwriting with keyboard maestro and composer Julian Marshall, of Marshall Hain/Flying Lizards/Eye To Eye fame who helped me gain further insight and confidence in songwriting and performance and called me “a unique and remarkable voice in popular music songwriting”.

After leaving school I took courses in acting, dance, singing, popular music and jazz. I then read BA (hons) music composition at Dartington College of Arts.

After leaving university I have kept playing music & writing songs prolifically while also gaining experience in recording and performing both solo and in bands. It is statistically unlikely, but you may have seen me performing with Donna Blitz, Melonbud, Berry Pomeroy, Moscow Magazine, Disney’s Head and currently- Rapunzel Waits. I had lessons with vocal coach Sandra Smith and sang in the ‘Lost Sound Chorus’.

My long awaited solo debut EP release is called ‘Count The Seconds’.