EP Launch

ep-launch-poster-vers-2-jpegCounting down the days now as I have got a date set for the launch (shhhh don’t tell anyone the EP has already been released 🙂

Here’s hoping It’s gonna be a well swell night and I am getting together some special guests to fill the frame and I’ll be playing too. Hopefully this will mark the start of a resurgence in the live field for me as a solo act.

The FB event for those who do that: https://www.facebook.com/events/1174300282662433

Must get on now, lots to do.

Laters readers!


Music Video Alert!



Some nice news for today. A video for Anywhere but Here is ready for your perusal! Here is the linkypoo…

And if you haven’t checked out the video for Ignoramus yet…

Ps: Both of these videos were shot in a single day with my good friend Saara Lamberg in the directors/editors chair. She was visiting from Australia so we didn’t have much time. Actually, in the Anywhere video Saara added some footage of her own from her travels to flesh it out as you can see, but all the Totnes bits were done in only half a day, regard if you will the historic Leechwell- I wonder if that has ever been featured in a video before?  If you haven’t heard of her, check out her feature film ‘Innuendo’ which she wrote, directed and starred in herself. Very talented lady and lovely person. http://www.innuendomovie.com/#about

Debut EP Count the Seconds released today!




and welcome to my new website and

my world.

My debut EP- Count the Seconds is now available digitally via iTunes, Spotify and other digital services and a limited run of CDs will be available via me and the website.




Count the Seconds EP